Sisterhood Mentor and Mentee Opportunities

Women go through life collecting experiences like pages in a novel. Each experience fits into your life’s story for a reason. If you think about it, women are born to be nurturers, mentors and teachers of sorts. At an early age, many of us guide our younger siblings. As teenagers, we join clubs and associations and share our knowledge with our peers. Women mentor our spouses or life partners in one way or another. Then if we become parents, we nurture (and mentor) our children throughout life. It doesn’t take much research to find most well-known successful (famous) people have had mentors. Often times it’s during a hardship or a transitioning time in life when a mentee seeks out a mentor, which makes the impact of the relationship that much more valuable.

As a mentor, you can gain a sense of satisfaction, but here’s some additional benefits that might come as a surprise:

Mentoring will broaden your circle of influence
Mentoring can lead to new deep friendships and acquaintances
Mentoring can provide life-changing experiences
It will improve your own Leadership and Management Skills
You will gain a healthy dose of self-reflection
You’ll receive recognition for your hard work, skills and experience

If you’d like to be a mentor and pair with the right mentee, or if you are a mentee (someone who wants to find a mentor), you’ve come to the right place!
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