Emily is a 22 year-old London native who first stepped onto U.S. soil in May 2016 after completing the filming for season 4 of Bravo television series Below Deck. The reality show follows the lives and antics of eight crewmembers and their charter guests on a 160-ft super yacht for six weeks in the British Virgin Islands.

Emily is keenly sensitive to her surroundings. She loves art and design and has learned about interior spaces and architecture through her line of work in the yachting industry. She believes that happy spaces and the ability to manage time can influence everyone’s mentality and ability to work while being positive. In most things Emily does, her underlying aspiration is to help people live life better, with little tips, support, and advice on domestic life, health & fitness.

She had been a high-energy yacht stewardess, travelling the world for the past three years before she was discovered and casted on the show.

Prior to yachting Emily was planning to attend Cambridge University to study Psychology and Sociology, but ultimately she decided to put that on hold in order to pursue obtaining more life experience for personal growth, including travel to India, studying massage therapy, and then joining the exciting world of yachting.

Residing back on land between Florida and the UK, she has since launched a website: English-emily.com, that is a go-to resource and insiders guide to yachting, travel and lifestyle. She has a passion for health and fitness and is pursuing her entrepreneurial goals by advancing her knowledge on the subject through studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Ultimately, Emily wants to help and inspire others achieve their wellness goals; she is currently setting up a wellness subscription company, MYPOW (My Power of Wellness), and is an Ambassador for VITL, one of the UK market leaders in Super food nutrient supplements, which is also available for purchase in the US.

Stay tuned to learn more about Emily’s exciting adventures.